“Over the Past 40 years my wife, Ellen, and I have had over ten high end homes built from California to Connecticut. I can say unequivocally, that John has built the highest quality home that we ever have lived in”
Steve S

“John built us a beautiful home on Gordon River Trail 4 years ago that we love. He accommodated our needs and completed the home early…something quite unusual. My career was in the real estate development business so I can be pretty demanding when it comes to builders. John and his team ‘s execution was exceptional”
Jim D

“We were fortunate enough to purchase our magnificent new home which was one of Covelli Development’s new models. Over the years we have purchased numerous homes and it was an absolute pleasure dealing with John during the purchase and many years thereafter.”
Richard L

“Over the time that construction took place John and his team were helpful, professional and respectful of our needs and our neighbors. Our experience during the build process was exceptional and second to none.”
Gary L

“Our experience with CDG was beyond our expectations. The CDG team delivered on every aspect of the build from architectural to final delivery of the home. We are fortunate that over the years we have come to know John he is not only a talented and gifted builder, but someone who has become a long standing family friend.”
Bob M

“John exhibits unique leadership and technical skills in the areas of identifying build properties, the actual excavation of such properties, and building, from the foundation up, of full, final products. He is well versed in the design, project planning, estimating, and supply chain management. His unique expertise and experience give him credibility with his co-workers, his clients, and any people he may be managing. As stated, we have worked together on three of our personal high-end, homes and in every case, he has come in on schedule and within budget, producing top quality finished products.”
Joe and Liz S

“We have interacted with John from the conception/design phase all the way through to CO and beyond. Our business relationship has since extended into a personal, valued friendship.”
Sam and Donna H

“Working with Covelli Development Group has been such an amazing experience. John, Danny, and Susan have been so patient in making sure our home was built with all the details that were important to us. They wanted to make sure that our home turned out to be all that we wanted it to be.”
Doug and Lisa